Modular Construction

Premium Modular Building Warranty

Our Premium range of Modular buildings have a 50+ year design life and each one comes with a 12 month, 5 year & 50 year warranty.


Twelve Month Defect Liability Period

The 12 month defect liability period covers the entire building. This excludes any defect that has been caused by misuse , abuse or accidental damage.

Five Year Building Warranty

Our five year product warranty covers the external components of the building. This includes the floor, wall panels, roof, windows, and doors. It does not include internal fabric such as floor finishes, wall finishes, ceiling finishes, internal fixtures, and fittings all of which are covered in the 12 Month Defect Liability Period.

Fifty Year Structural Warranty

Our fifty year structural warranty covers the structural elements of the building. This includes all of the structural steel and insulated wall & roof panels. The warranty is subject to a satisfactory building maintenance programme being in place throughout the period.