Secure and Safe, Anti Vandal Cabins and Storage / Shipping Containers For Sale Or Hire.

Our Extra Secure, Anti-Vandal Cabins provide all the functionality of our Jackleg range combined with a high security steel exterior.

These Extra Secure Cabins have been designed to provide safe, secure protection where theft is an ever-increasing threat, and can have both financial and physical impacts on your business.

Features such as long-life span and low maintenance requirements will ensure a cost effectiveness and high security solution.

The Modulacc Extra Secure Anti Vandal Cabin range are designed to ensure security is matched with comfortable working conditions. Units are fully insulated and protected by heavy locking mechanisms and sliding window guards.

Our Extra Secure units are ideal for use as Ticket Kiosks, Canteens, Offices, Site Accommodation, Toilet Units, Drying Rooms or Temporary Kitchens – among others. The Modulacc Extra Secure units come in various configurations regarding number of rooms and toilets.

Our range of Secure Storage Units have tough, all steel construction incorporating robust door locks and hinges, designed to discourage the most determined intruder.  Our fleet of storage units are available in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft.

12 x 10 Extra Secure Cabin 

20 x 10 Extra Secure Cabin

30 x 10 Extra Secure Cabin

Stores 10 x 8

Stores 21 x 8

Standard Features
  • Low Maintenance.

  • Extremely Durable and Secure.

  • External Steel Walls, Secure Anti Vandal Protective Walls.

  • Vinyl faced Plasterboard internal wall and ceiling finish.

We deliver extra secure, anti vandal cabins for hire nationwide.

Anti Vandal Size Options
  • 6ft x 4ft

  • 8ft x 6ft

  • 12ft x 10ft

  • 20ft x 8ft

  • 20ft x 10ft

  • 24ft x 10ft

  • 30ft x 10ft

Examples of our Extra Secure Units