Flexible Buildings for your Temporary or Permanent Space requirements

Our Transpack range provides a more economical solution for your temporary or permanent space requirements.

The flexible modular design means a number of standard units can be combined to form functional space solutions. This flexibility means that the building can be adapted to your requirements. You can adapt and extend at any time.

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Single Unit 20 x 8

Multi Bay Unit

Double Stacked

This range can be used to fulfil many requirements such as:
  • High Quality Office Solutions.

  • Lounges and canteens for employees.

  • Accommodations on construction sites.

  • Construction offices and site facilities.

  • Show rooms – Commercial use.

  • Club Houses and Changing rooms.

Technical Specifications
  • The flexible panel system enables later extensions and adaptations to the buildings.

  • High quality insulation materials create a pleasant indoor climate and supports lower energy costs.

  • Premium Windows and Glazing.

  • Internal finish in White, with high quality floor covers.

Assembly, Delivery, and Installation.

Your Building will be assembled offsite by our team in our Limerick facility, ensuring minimal disruption at your site. Our Delivery and Installation team will then safely and efficiently install your building at your site.

Examples of our Economy Modular Buildings